Pocketlooks LUT Pack SKU: PL709P

REC709 "look" LUTs designed to for a quick stylistic color grading.

This pack includes six cinema-inspired LUTs.


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"Look" LUTs designed to give you a quick stylistic starting point for further color grading.

Compared to BM Extended Video LUT:

  • Includes the "Pocket709" LUT corrections...AND...
    - Quick, cinematic "looks" that are subtle enough to take further grading

Included LUTs

  • Pocketaction: Teal and orange with a dash of contrast
  • Pocketdrama: Warming filter with a dash of contrast
  • Pocketcinema: 90's film look with a dash of contrast
  • Pocketvintage: 70's film look with a dash of contrast
  • Pocket positive: Film positive look with a dash of contrast
  • Pocketnoir: B&W with additional contrast


  • BM Film source files
  • Editing software that supports 33x33 .cube LUT files


  • This LUT pack does not include the Pocket709 LUT. (The Pocket709 corrections are built into these LUTS and can't be separated.) The Pocket709 LUT can be purchased separately, or together with all other Pocketluts in the PocketPower Pack.